Markus Michler

A Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering / Design combined with training in efficiency and sustainability has given Markus a special insight and understanding of various materials and architectural principles, rarely found in the design field.

A self-described perfectionist, it is important that every project be immaculately conceived, detailed, and customized to the functional and aesthetic needs of his clients through the creative use of space, light, unique materials, and distinctive furnishings.

Markus has an unparalleled flair for modern simplicity, classical minimalism, and period designs. His design aesthetic is marked by clean, simple and sophisticated lines, comfortable with the full palette of neutral to punch line colors and a diverse range of materials and textures. Markus’ designs breathe and evolve to support and complement both the architectural canvas of the space and the lifestyles of his clients.

The result: impeccable and striking environments inlcusive of industrial, commercial, residential, hospitality, exhibition, and retail spaces, which are recognized for their originality and timeless quality.

20 years of contemporary design experience

IDSA Professional Member

Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow