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This Executive Headhunter Office was a large room office. Room dividers created work sections for employees. The desire was for business growth. The problem discovered was that the CEO was the only headhunter in the office who was succcessfully generating income and the person seated next to the Entrance door would never stay longer than three months.

The office was determined to have a good balance of the Five Elements.

The following recommendations were made to create a shift in Wealth & Prosperity and Fame & Reputation areas.


Move front work-space into the Career area facing the entrance

Move reception desk 90 degree facing the entrance

Replace rectangular conference table with a smaller round table to open up the space in the center of the room

Move sofa under the window by the entrance to create a comfortable waiting area

Move microwave and coffee maker into the bathroom area and add a space divider

Remove unused tables and furniture from the office to open up space (unclutter)

Add art depicting flowing water, flowing towards the office

Add a crystal vase in the Wealth & Prosperity area to enhance Chi'i flow

Add plant for an acoustic and visual divider



Bagua Overlay





After implementation of the suggestions, office productivity increased to the point where the CEO was able to restructure and reduce his personal workload. This gave him the opportunity to purchase a home in the Sierra Nevada mountains and fulfill his dream of working from home while having time to ski and travel.


This is just a portion of the actual written suggestion sheet and bird's eye view.

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